About Us

Mental Health is a journey through which patient and doctor learn together. We care about our patients and are dedicated to each’s mental health.

NV Mental Health is the culmination of one man’s dedication to patient care and mental wellbeing. Dr. Rafiq began his journey in Minnesota where he was trained in general psychiatry. While general psychiatry held its allure, it was here that he decided to focus on Child and Adolescent psychiatry and move to Ohio. His years of working with patients at Community Mental Health allowed Dr. Rafiq to treat a wide range of psychiatric disorders and hone his expertise.

Feeling the need for a more personal pyschiatric approach, Dr. Rafiq left Community Mental Health and opened up his dream practice in NV Mental Health. It is here that he learns from his patients, using evaluation and intense effort to resolve their emotional problems.

Dr. Rafiq is American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. certified and earned a Fellowship in Child Psychiatry. He is a member of the American Academy Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.